Thursday, May 6, 2010

Is it easier to kill one's own child rather than accepting his/her decision?

Even if lawfully Nirupama's parents get death penalty, will their souls ever rest in peace?

The very thought of having murdered their own daughter brutally will always remain with them even after they cease to survive.
How dare we call ourselves modern & educated, when we have such stigma & differentiations of castes and religion. I have heard people saying that even if we agree, what will the society say?
My answerto this is that we make the society and I really want to ask Niru's parents as to what help is this society of today for them?

It is our parents only who after a certain period of time make us realize that we ve grown up and are responsible & mature enough to make decisions that matches us, then why don't they support us in the most sensitive and major decision f our lives - choosing our life partner.

This act is indeed a shame for the society as a whole and more to a mother who carried this daughter in her womb for a tough period of 9 months and took no time or felt no pain in taking away the same life. 
Their outrage on finding their unmarried daughter pregnant is understood, but dear parents dn't you think the other way out would have been better, happier and respectable.

On one hand we call ourselves educated and modern and on the other hand we get to hear or see such incidences which forces us to think whether we are HUMANE also or not?

I sincerely hope Nirupama's murder prove to be a lesson for all such parents.

Megha Jha
Renaissance Society - working for a better & aware society


  1. i agree megha, u really presented the whole crux of this tragedy in a very simple manner, yes the other way wud have been more respectable and the love stry wud hv ended on a happy note...if her parents wud hv approved the marriage then niru wud hv been there wid us and them happily posing fr pictures and establishing anthr example of modrn and cast ridden democratic'a national shame

  2. i believe this is a classic interpretation of the entire story and i totally agree wid this thought .one deep thought about nirupma's happiness would have saved her life . i hope this is yet another example for our society to improve on such matters . i hope she is the last nirupma of our society to face such cruelty . we r not dat immature ... n hav the freedom to live our life .